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Sudoku is the Chinese game where you have to place numbers from 1 to 9 not repeated in the same row neither in the same 3x3 cell.

If you like playing Sudokus or if you want to start playing and solving them, Sudokumat is a very good and simple program that wil let you learn step by step until you reach professional level.

It is a very good program featuring a high AI which will help you solve your Sudokus, you can set it to tell you all currently possible candidates, mark all permitted locations for a certain digit, show the field that should be solved next, solve automatically the next step,...

Not only does it offer you new Sudokus to solve but it also lets you save them as PDF files, so you will be able to print them and go to the beach and solve your new sudokus there having a sunbath, in the Metro, waiting for the bus,...

If you like sudokus and you want to have new ones each time, Sudokumat will be very helpful.
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